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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Paloma's Message of Freedom and Peace

Paloma came to visit me
Hello all! I'm not sure how many of you know about Paloma - she is a dove of peace created by Lys in France and began her travels in late 2015 visiting crafty people all around the world sharing her hope of peace. You can find out more about Paloma's travels here on this page on Lys' blog.

I took Paloma to church with me (St. John's Episcopal) as we pray for world peace every Sunday. She perched on the Pascal candle before the service started.  We have a lively coffee hour after the service and I told several of my friends about Paloma's journey and they were quite interested in how far she had traveled and in her message of world peace.
Later Paloma enjoyed flying around the American Flag in our back yard to prove she had visited the USA.
These are Lys's reasons for starting the travels of her little paper dove - so each receiver will hear the message of peace and send it on - all over the world.  
She wrote this on her blog after the attack on Paris in 2015:
After the shock, the anger, the nausea... what to say, what to do?
I have only weapons made of paper and words... 
I can face violence only with my values and beliefs.
Freedom and peace are the ones I wished to give today.
So this is Paloma, my little simple paper dove.
 For her I make a wish: could she take flight and give all around the world her freedom and peace message.
Paloma arrived at my house on April 26, 2017, all the way from Dot in Australia!  Prior to Australia - she had been in England and Scotland. 
 (Paloma has been in many places, but unfortunately, the original passport was lost somewhere in transit, so when Astrid in Scotland received her - she made a beautiful new Passport adding the names of people that had signed up to receive her but had not visited yet)
If you would like to be involved in the Paloma Passport to Peace Project please send me your name and address and I will put it in the Passport and add you to the list to receive the items in the above photo.  
When you receive the package - take a photo of Paloma somewhere around your home or town, post about the visit on your blog and send Paloma, the Passport and card on to the next person written in the Passport Book.
I am sending Paloma on to Jackie in New York.  
 I will be sending Paloma on her travels soon - so please e-mail me right away if you would like your name and address added! 
e-mail:   [email protected]

It's very sad that we seem to continually need prayers for World Peace but we are also always hopeful that it will be achieved!